Music Program

Music at East Victoria Park Primary School

East Victoria Park Primary School has a long and proud history of making music. Whilst singing has always been a significant part of the school’s history and activities, music gained greater prominence under the direction of bandmaster Mr Sam Maher who directed the first school brass band in 1961. Today, music is an essential part of school life and culture, with all students being involved in music education activities. Our music graduates span half a century and include musicians, educators, lawyers, business professionals, teachers and more.

Our music program is diverse, including weekly class music sessions, instrumental tuition and ensemble programs.

Classroom Music

Classroom music at East Victoria Park Primary School largely uses a Kodály approach to music education. By focusing on learning through engaging with music, singing, playing, moving and enjoying, music becomes part of the natural learning process. Particularly in lower primary, music classes reflect the way that children learn naturally; through singing games, fun and play.

Music is considered to an essential part of our curriculum because involvement in a quality music program develops our young people on all levels – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Through involvement in music, our students become critical thinkers and advanced problem solvers who develop essential communication and social skills.

Instrumental Tuition

The East Victoria Park PS Band and Instrumental Program, which started in 1961, was the first public primary school instrumental tuition scheme in Western Australia. The current East Victoria Park PS Instrumental Music Program is run in partnership with Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS). We offer a variety of instruments for students to learn. These include:

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Percussion (encompassing both un-tuned and tuned percussion)

To be included in the Instrumental Music Program, students complete the MAI (Music Aptitude Indicator) in Semester 2 of Year 4. This test is designed to assess their suitability for entry to the Instrumental Music Program in Year 5. Students are also interviewed and general academic results are considered. Acceptance into the program is comparable to a scholarship.

Those selected for the Instrumental Program will have instrumental lessons beginning in Term 1 of Year 5. Students attend weekly instrumental lessons and must commit to regular practice to ensure progress is maintained at an acceptable level.

Entry is competitive and as such, students are expected to remain committed to the program until the end of their primary schooling, with the intention of continuing into secondary school. If a student chooses to discontinue half way through the program, another student cannot take their place, as participation must begin at the start of Year 5.

Instrumental Music Program students are expected to join the East Victoria Park PS Senior Concert Band in Semester 2 of Year 5 and continue attending during Year 6. This allows instrumental students to develop their musical proficiency and provide opportunities to perform as part of an ensemble.

Senior Choir

Senior Choir is open to all year 4-6 students, with the highlight of the year being participation in the Massed Choir Festival at Perth Concert Hall. The Senior Choir also perform regularly at school events and special occasions and community events, such as the ANZAC Eve Service in partnership with the Victoria Park RSL.

Junior Choir

Junior Choir is open to year 2 and 3 students. The program is run by Year 6 students, who volunteer their time to develop the musical talents of our younger students. The Junior Choir perform at various school events, such as Sustainability Day and The Community Concert.

Senior Concert Band

Senior Concert Band is open to year 5 and 6 students who are currently learning a concert band instrument, either at the school as part of the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) program, or outside of school through private tuition. Concert Band instruments include: clarinet, flute, saxophone, all brass instruments (trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone), bass guitar, percussion and keyboard. The Senior Concert Band perform at music assemblies and school events, such as The Community Concert and Awards of Excellence.

Alison Motherwell – Music Specialist