Music, Band & Choir

East Victoria Park Primary School has a long and proud history of making music. Whilst singing has always been a significant part of the school’s history and activities, music gained greater prominence under the direction of bandmaster Mr Sam Maher who directed the first school brass band in 1961. In the subsequent years the band continued to grow into two ensembles, now known as the School Concert Band and the School Training Band.

Today, music is an essential part of school life and culture, with all students involved in music education activities. Furthermore, around 80 students are involved in our extra-curricular performing groups making it a large, dynamic and enjoyable program. Our music graduates span half a century and include musicians, educators, lawyers, business professionals, teachers and more.

Our program is varied and includes weekly class music sessions, instrumental tuition+band and choral programs. Through involvement in music, our students become critical thinkers and advanced problem solvers who develop essential communication and social skills.

Music Staff

Our music team comprises professionals in both fields of music and education. Our program acknowledges the work of staff from the School of Instrumental Music (SIM).

Emily Dempsey-Lees
Music Specialist

Jennie Maher
Brass (Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium) Teacher (SIM)

Michelle Lim
Clarinet Teacher (SIM)

Ian Robbie
Percussion Teacher (SIM)

Emily Ruddock
Flute Teacher (SIM)