At East Victoria Park Primary School we aim to provide a highly effective literacy program. Our teaching staff provide rich stimulating learning environments that support our students to develop essential literacy skills and understandings based around the WA Curriculum.

The Literacy program at East Victoria Park Primary School aims to develop students thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, knowledge and understandings. Our whole school approach ensures continuity of teaching strategies across the school using evidenced based programs to support student learning.

At East Victoria Park Primary School we incorporate a variety of evidence-based approaches and resources to ensure our students are receiving the best and most current practices in Literacy. These include:

  • Using a Literacy Block Framework
  • InitiaLit in Pre Primary, Year 1 and Year 2
  • Spelling Mastery in Years 3 – 6
  • Seven Steps to Writing
  • MiniLit and MultiLit
  • Literacy Pro in Years 3 – 6 and introduced in Semester 2  for Year 2 students
  • PAT Assessments in Reading Yr 1 – 6, Spelling Yr 3 – 6
  • Brightpath Writing Assessment
  • On – Entry Assessment for Pre Primary and Year 1 students
  • NAPLAN Assessments in Reading, Punctuation & Grammar, Spelling and Writing

We are committed to supporting our staff in the implementation of best practice in their Literacy programmes through tailored Professional Learning. Literacy is highlighted in our school through special activities such as Book Week and displays.


Pre-Primary – Year 1

InitiaLit is an evidence based, systematic, whole class literacy program for teaching reading and writing. Systematic teaching programs, such as InitiaLit, follow a logical sequence, ensuring that there are no gaps in the delivery of curriculum content. The program is designed to provide children with the foundation skills to become proficient readers and writers, thus reducing the need for literacy intervention in the later years of primary school.
InitiaLit incorporates a synthetic phonics approach to teaching spelling and reading, with a focus on rich literary texts and the development of students’ vocabulary. Synthetic phonics programs have been identified as the most successful approach to teaching reading and spelling.
InitiaLit was introduced to Pre-Primary and Year 1 in 2019 and has delivered excellent results in both year levels.

Literacy Pro

Year 3 – 6

Literacy Pro is an evidence based reading program. Educators and students use Lexile measures to select books at a level that will challenge students – not so difficult as to be frustrating, but difficult enough to encourage reading development. Students complete a quiz after each book is read and regular monitoring occurs to measure student reading growth.

Seven Steps to Writing

Seven Steps to Writing provides a simple and clear guide on how to teach writing that transforms student writing by empowering teachers to guide students to become powerful and skilful communicators. Classrooms become fun and engaging writing areas with a common language being used across the school.