Teaching & Learning

Ethos – Academic Excellence

The positive and professional tone set by teachers is reflected in the happy and productive classroom environment. Students are encouraged to work to their potential and are rewarded for their endeavours through positive reinforcement and recognition. Many students go on from East Victoria Park Primary School to do academic extension programmes in high school and other specialist courses such as aviation, music and sports.

Motto – Celebrating Diversity

Quote from a parent – “My six year old has friends at East Victoria Park Primary School who have Aboriginal, European, African, Middle Eastern, Central American and Asian backgrounds – as well as families of all shapes and sizes. She is already more tuned in to culture, religion and social history than most grown-ups! You can’t get that kind of understanding from books.”


We have a very stable, vibrant and energetic staff who work very much as a team. Many of our teachers are recognised leaders in their profession being invited to teach at university level, help with curriculum development and recognised for their achievements through district and state awards. We have an ‘open door’ policy and encourage parent input in any area of their child’s school development.