School Board – Parent Nominations

Carlene Thorpe

Thank you for considering my nomination as a Parent Rep for the School Board. My youngest son, Callum, is currently in Year 4 and I have lived in the area for 20 years. I have a teaching background in Early Childhood Education, have served as a parent and staff rep on a number of School Boards in Independent Public Schools, and have 26 years experience as an educator (19yrs in a principal or deputy principal role in primary schools). I am currently an Associate Principal at Oberthur PS in Bull Creek. I am hopeful of selection so that I can further support the continual growth of the school, collaborate to identify opportunities for our students, and contribute to school planning and processes. I am an advocate for not only developing academic standards but increasing social and emotional well being.

Heidi Dauth

Hi, and thanks for considering me to represent you on the School Board. I am lucky to have called Vic Park home for 22 years and enjoy and appreciate everything our community has to offer. The first time I attended a school event before our daughter (now 8) even started, I witnessed the warmth and sense of community that we could look forward to in the years to come. This propelled me to want to become involved and I joined the P&C as Treasurer when Ruby started Kindy. I’d now like to extend that commitment and offer the board a skill set gained through years of business management. I have been self-employed for 20 years now and feel I can bring with me commercial sensibilities and sensitivities that will support the school in a variety of ways. Having directed a business with more than 60 employees, I understand the dynamics of a group of people, the influencing and dependent organisations  and how to reach outcomes that appease all stakeholders and achieve desired results. I now operate a business consulting service that provides me with the flexibility to share my time and meet commitments for the school and be the best mum I can be.

Sarah Bayley

My family and I have lived in Victoria Park for the last 19 years. We have been a member of the East Victoria Park Primary Schools community for the last 7 years since my son started Kindy in 2013. I now have 2 children at the school with my son in year 5 and my daughter in year 2. I am also a current and active member of the P&C and help run the school uniform shop. I have been a Registered Nurse for the past 25 years and I currently work as a Community Support Worker. This involves working mostly with older members of the community assisting them to remain living independently. My interest in taking a role on the school board comes from my experiences as a parent at a school that shares my values and educates my children.  I have an understanding of all the areas of the school from kindy through to senior as my children have progressed through the years. This understanding will enable me to assist with the continuing growth of the school. My experience with nursing and community support work has given me the skills to work in partnership with others and the ability to represent and advocate for other people. These are skills I look forward to bringing to the school board. I have attended the past 2 open School Board meetings and have been waiting for the opportunity to become a board member and help shape the future and direction of our school.

Patricia Cardoso

I want to serve as a parent representative on EVPP School Board for three reasons. Firstly, I am a 40yr old parent of two young boys. One attending kindy and the other just learning to walk. So my life now orbits around theirs and how best to support them to develop and live safe and happy lives. Secondly, I love being a part of our diverse community and strongly believe that ‘community engagement’ and having the ‘parent voice’ heard on School Boards is vital for the wellbeing of our amazing children. Thirdly, as a professional working more than 10yrs in child and adolescent health promotion, I can bring all the research and learnt strategies back to parents and the school board. My current research areas are around ways to support young people in positive decision-making when engaging in visual online communication though image-sharing, and exploring appropriate ways to build parents and young children’s positive and safe digital technology use.

Shannon Laya

This is our second year as part of the East Victoria Park Primary School community and our son is proud to be in pre-primary.  Our family values the diversity and vibrancy of the school, and the positive experiences our son has had as a student.  I feel the school reflects my values and as member of the school board, I would  be a strong advocate for supporting inclusion and acknowledging the diversity of the school population.   Before moving to WA and settling in East Victoria Park,  I spent nearly 10 years working in the public school system in the US as an educational speech pathologist developing an interest in literacy, behaviour support, second language acquisition and educational best practices.  My experience will bring a unique perspective to the school board when discussing the practices being implemented and the issues our school may face. I appreciate your support. 

Catherine Marin

My EVPPS family consists of myself, my husband, and our daughter who is in Year 1. I have been a manager in the arts and culture sector for over 20 years and I currently work for the WA State Government. Before we moved to Perth in 2017, I was the Regional Manager of the WA Museum in Geraldton for almost 10 years. This involved running a 7 day a week major tourism venue for the city, and working closely with a number of communities in the Mid West region on projects and programs that explored the region’s rich stories, cultures and histories. I participated in many community committees during this time. We feel very fortunate to have found EVPPS as the school for our child, and we 100% embrace its mission of Celebrating Diversity. As a family with Australian and South American backgrounds, we value the multi-cultural beauty of the school, and the richness that learning from each other brings.I offer my strategic planning, management, and community programming skills to the EVPPS Board, and would welcome the opportunity to work with other parents, and the school’s management and teaching community in this role.