Principals News – Term 1 week 7

It always seems to surprise us with how quickly the term goes – we are now at the end of Week 6 and because we have a shorter term than usual, there are now only 3 weeks until the end of term. 

So much has happened since our last newsletter. The Year 6 students have been on camp and had the most wonderful time. I spent an afternoon at Point Peron with them and was so pleased to see how well they were all getting along and how much they were getting into the variety of experiences on offer. They were Rock Climbing and Prusiking (a type of climbing technique) as well as getting right into the crate challenge. Our students now hold the Point Peron record with a structure 20 crates tall – the previous record was 18. Our students (and staff!!) were incredibly persistent and competitive.

I would like to thank, Bianca Matthews, Karen Rundle, Russell Leslie, Marama Spina, Tatiana Marcondes and Fir Ahmad Razali for taking such great care of our students and for making sure that everyone who attended had such a great time. 

Leadership Positions announced

Another very important event on the Year 6 School Calendar was the announcement of the leadership positions for 2021. I was so impressed at assembly on Friday with the joy, encouragement and genuine congratulations that the students showed to one another. For those students who missed out, while you will feel disappointed please remember that there will be many opportunities to show leadership throughout the year. It is also a timely reminder that ‘you don’t need a badge to be a leader’. We can all lead in different ways and at different times.

Thank you to Room 2 for a wonderfully educative and informative assembly item. We learnt to say our favourite colours in Noongar and then room 2 performed a lovely song using AUSLAN – what a clever group of students and a big thank you to Mrs Cutri and Mrs Gerstorfer for getting their students ready for such a lovely performance.

Congratulations to our award winners for this week

ECE1Pre PrimImani S
ECE3Pre PrimOlivia R
Rm 1Yr 1Adam A
Rm 2Yr 1Dillon D
Rm 3Yr 1/2Fatima S
Rm 4Yr 2Lily H
Rm 5Yr 2Ollie H
Rm 6Yr 3Kynan D
Rm 7Yr 4Intel S
Rm 8Yr 5Ameesha B
Rm 9Yr 5/6Sarah N
Rm 10Yr 5/6Emilie W
Rm 11Yr 3Ryder L
Rm 12Yr 3/4Yamtshen D
ESC Lucy P
Medallions Holly H, Kareena B, Mia-Maria G

Car Park

Please be reminded that the only parents that should access the staff car park are those parents from the Education Support Centre that have a parking permit to use the bays outside the Centre. Please do not use the staff car park to drop off your child/children. Please also do not use the staff car park entrance or exit to do a u-turn. I have witnessed numerous near misses with parents reversing back into traffic on Beatty Avenue – the car park entrance is very close to where many students cross the road to get into school in the mornings. Please take care and be courteous to all road users, especially our children.

With kind regards
Kim Knowles – Principal