Newsletter 8th September 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to Mr Hadland and Room 6 for a great assembly today. It was lovely to hear about the student’s favourite books. Each of the students did a great job in speaking on the microphone to the whole school.

Congratulations to all the amazing winners of Merit Certificates today. It was such a pleasure to hear about the work students are doing, and how well they are going.

RM 1Shanell
RM 2Alexandria
RM 3Hope
RM 4Tiara
RM 5Fatima
RM 6Phoebe
RM 7Zumsel
RM 8Ryder
RM 9Mira
RM 10Alice
RM 11Yumna
RM 12Mujtuba
PE AwardAksa

Families leaving EVPPS in 2024

I am gathering information in preparation for the 2024 school year. We understand that circumstances change for families. Can you please advise the school via this form, if your children will not be returning to the school in 2024?

Busy Bee

A huge thank you to Huxley, Indianna and Robin; to Zach and Keith; to Benjamim, Hugo and Ana and to Lynda and Mike for helping out at the Busy Bee on Sunday, 21 August. We managed to clear quite a bit of the big area outside Room 7 – 10 and planted lots of natives. We plan to hold another one early next term so please watch out for the notice.

Thank you Ben, Zach (away today), Huxley and Indi – your plants have already grown so much!

Basketball Court Update

The works for our new basketball court will commence on Friday, 15 December 2023. The contractors plan to have the works completed by the beginning of the 2024 school year.

Triple P – hosted at EVPPS – October 2023

The Triple P seminar series offers simple ways to help your child thrive!

Triple P’s free seminars offer easy-to-understand strategies (that actually work!) to:

• promote your child’s development and independent skills

• encourage positive and cooperative behaviour

• raise confident and resilient children

• strengthen relationships

Please see the links below to enrol:

The Power of Positive Parenting: See all upcoming events near you | Triple P (

Raising Confident, Competent Children: See all upcoming events near you | Triple P (

Raising Resiliet Children: See all upcoming events near you | Triple P (

Staffing Update

We have 2 teachers going on parental leave during next term. We are very excited for Mrs Paige Crossland and Miss Rachel Yee.

Mrs Crossland finishes work at the end of Week 2 next term and Mrs Sarah Shaw will take Room 4 on Fridays for the remainder of the year.

Miss Yee finishes at the end of Week 4 next term. From the beginning of term, Miss Grace Allan will be full time in Room 9 and Miss Hannah Cox will take over from Miss Yee in Room 10. Miss Yee is working on a special curriculum project and will also continue working in Room 10, one day a week.

Long Service Leave

I am taking 2 weeks long service leave, starting from today. The principal in my absence is Mr Kim Guelfi. Mr Guelfi has had a long career as a principal and former Director of Education in the Midwest. I extend a warm welcome to Kim.

Have a great weekend

Kim Knowles


An update from some special guest newsletter contributors….

Hello! Our names are Luna and Fatima. This news update will include… Green Team, Incursion and Excursion, plus a special news splash! A news splash is when we give special information about our topic.

Green Team

Green Team is a club at school that encourages kids to care for the school environment. We have Waste Wise Wednesday/Waste Free Wednesdays. The idea is to encourage kids to bring a waste wise lunch box. So that means no chip packets or juice boxes, just washable containers. News splash! The winning class gets a Bunnings incursion!

Incursion and Excursion

A few weeks ago, the school had an incursion about rocks. The lady’s name was Fiona and she had a pet rock named Crystal. We made our own pet rock and wrote their stories. The week after that, the Year 3s (Rooms 5 and 6) went on an excursion to the East Victoria Park Library to meet Kelly Canby. We did some creative writing and she showed us a PowerPoint of how she came up with her ideas. She has written about five or six books, and illustrated about 28. News splash! Kelly taught us how to make mini books.

Thanks for reading

Fatima Room 5 and Luna Room 6.