Newsletter 8 March 2024

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to Room 8 for such an informative and entertaining assembly this morning. It continues to both impress and amaze me at how articulate our students are. Thank you to Mr Clarke and Miss Bennett for getting the students ready and for teaching them about government in such a fun way.

Thank you to the families who continue to observe the parking and road laws around the school. It is still incredibly busy in the afternoons and your patience is appreciated. I thank our primary school families for not using the staff carpark to pick up or drop off your children. Please keep our children safe by not performing U-turns on Beatty Avenue. Backing into traffic and small children crossing the road is dangerous. Our neighbours across the road are getting frustrated with the number of our parents parking in their driveways – please keep our neighbours’ driveways clear.

Cheerleading Girls

The school have been entertained over the past few weeks with groups of girls teaching themselves some cheerleading routines. We have had fun rehearsing, making pom poms and costumes. Thank you to Joh-anne, Bade, Lara and Shannell, along with their manager Fatima for a brilliant performance yesterday. It was so much fun!!

Basketball Court

After numerous delays our basketball court has been handed over to us. We received $160 000 as an election commitment in the 2021 state election from Hon. Hannah Beazley, MLA, Member for Victoria Park and along with the addition of school funds the basketball court was installed over the recent Christmas holidays. The line marking was completed last weekend. Students and staff are enjoying this very welcome addition to our playground facilities. It replaces our old basketball court, known as the cheese grater. Many a student in the past have had hands and knees scraped on the old court, something that will not be happening on our beautiful new hard (smooth) surface.

Students and staff have been enjoying the new facility.

Positive Behaviour Support – Week 6 and 7 Expectations

Our students continue to work hard and demonstrate our CORE values. This fortnight we have a focus on our book work standards.

Bookwork Expectations:

  • We rule up with care.
  • We date our work.
  • We take care to always write neatly.
  • We keep our books neat and tidy.

Expected Behaviours:

  • We show care by taking pride in our book work.
  • We show care by leaving the undercover area clean and tidy.
  • We show care by walking on all footpaths and in classrooms.
  • We show care by sensibly lining up outside of the learning areas after break times.
  • We show care by wearing our hat and recess, lunch time and during P.E.

Congratulations to our award winners for this fortnight:

Rm 1 Eli
Rm 2Mia
Rm 3Gabrielle
Rm 4Alexandria
Rm 5Thomas
Rm 6Bryan
Rm 7Rachael
Rm 8Patrick
Rm 9Rory
Rm 10Urangoo
Rm 11Adshaya
Rm 12Fatima
Rm 13Tyler
PE AwardTyler
MultiLit AwardRiley
PBS Medallion Awards:
Rm 7Elsie
Rm 7Charlotte
Rm 7Halo
Rm 7Zadie

Finally, it was my pleasure to present the badges to our student leaders this morning.

Congratulations to:

Student councillors:

Annabelle                           Jessica                  Mira                       Zane

Faction Captains
Learning Area Captains

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles