Newsletter 10 May 2024

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to Miss Brown and Room 12 for their wonderful entertainment at assembly today. I continue to be impressed by how confident our students are when they present at assembly. Well done Room 12 students.

Today’s award winners are:

Rm 1Juli
Rm 2Zaim
Rm 3Biel
Rm 4Murat
Rm 5Sara
Rm 6Yeechen
Rm 7Matilda
Rm 8Evee
Rm 9Adam
Rm 10Undram
Rm 11Hamish
Rm 12Shannan
Rm 13Sofie
MultiLit RTP Award:
Rm 12Pedro

We have a new segment in our newsletter. Each assembly Year 6 student councillors make school announcements at assembly, and we are now going to share these in the newsletter.

Today’s Student Councillor Student Assembly Announcements:

School Photos

School Photos are on 21 and 23 May, the school will be holding school photos. Sibling photo pre orders will end May 20, and the class and individual photo orders end on Sunday 2 June. We can’t wait to see everyone smiling.

Mira M

Busy Bee

On Sunday the 5 May we had the Busy Bee, and I would like to give a big thank you to the 12 families that helped clean up our school. The families that helped clean the school cleared the large garden bed at the front of the school of leaf litter, broken branches and weeds; they cleaned up the Mint Street access road; and they also removed the dangerous fencing near the cricket nets. They did the most amazing job.

Annabelle M

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Kaya everyone. As a school we are promoting the Premier’s Reading Challenge which runs from May 6 to September 6, 2024. At East Victoria Park Primary we value reading and encourage all students to read every day. By signing up for the Premier’s Reading Challenge your child can log the books they are reading at home and have a chance to win weekly prizes. Every child who reads at least 12 books during the challenge will receive a certificate for their participation. You can find out more by visiting the Premier’s Reading Challenge website. Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great rest of the day.

Zane N


Kaya everyone! Today is a busy day in terms of fundraisers! Today there is a raffle/cake stall straight after school, in front of the school! If that’s not enough, we have a trip to SciTech from 5.30 – to 8.30pm! Our school has booked out SciTech, so only people from our school will be there…no one else! This hands-on experience is going to be fun… and don’t forget to dress up if you want to! We would like to thank the hard workers on the P&C for doing this for our school.

Jessica M

Thank you, student councillors.

Quality Teaching Strategy Partnership Initiative

I am pleased to announce that our school has been selected to participate in the Department of Education’s Quality Teaching Strategy (QTS) partnership initiative. This initiative is dedicated to enhancing teaching effectiveness and fostering a supportive school culture conducive to improved educational practices. Central to the QTS partnership initiative is the collaboration between schools, with a focus on seeking improvement support through engagement with a lead school. I’m delighted to share that Ranford Primary School has been designated as our lead school.

Our journey commenced with a productive meeting with Ranford Primary School yesterday, where we laid the groundwork for our improvement planning. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate our participation in the official launch of the Partnership Initiative scheduled for Friday 24 May.

In alignment with our commitment to excellence, we have identified the mathematics learning domain across Kindergarten to Year 2 as our primary focus area. Guiding our efforts will be a dedicated team led by instructional coaches Ellie Nalder and Kate Kay. Supporting them will be the K-2 Phase of Learning Deputy Principal Louise Gray, and myself, as we collectively strive to elevate mathematics education across our early childhood classes.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles