Newsletter 09 September 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy few weeks we have had here at EVPPS.

First and foremost, I wanted to thank the P&C for their efforts at the Athletics Carnival. The sausage sizzle went down so well, as did the yummy treats at the cake stall. The Father’s Day raffle was an enormous success with an array of awesome prizes on offer to the eventual winners. Overall with the combined events, the P&C raised $3000. The P&C contributed so much to the atmosphere of the event on the day.

A sensational STEM themed assembly this morning from our very clever Room 6, Year 3 students. The children were incredible as they shared their interesting facts about the Solar System, Technology and its advances over the ages, the various roles of an Engineer and the value of learning maths and all its intricacies. Room 6 were exceptionally well prepared and spoke with confidence and clarity. It is no secret Mr Hadland will now have a relaxing weekend!! Congratulations Room 6, it was a fabulous assembly.

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to our merit award winners for this week.


Western Power Works on Beatty Avenue

Advice for Parents

Western Power is working on Beatty Ave near East Victoria Park Primary School.

For the remainder of Term 3, Western Power is installing power lines underground along Beatty Avenue from Miller Street to the school.

You can expect

  • Western Power is working in 30-metre sections at a time.
  • Traffic reduces to a single lane around the works area (approximately 30m).
  • Traffic controllers guide the traffic during work hours (7am – 5pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Restricted access to street parking where works are taking place.
  • Possible traffic congestion along Beatty Avenue during drop off and pick up.

What you can do

  • Try to avoid driving on Beatty Avenue during this time where possible.
  • Consider alternatives for drop off and pick up such as walking, cycling, or parking on a nearby street.
  • Take extra care when children are crossing the road as Beatty Avenue may be busier than normal.
  • School holidays (24 September – 9 October)
  • Works will take place across both sides of Beatty Avenue in front of the school.
  • There will be a road closure in place from the intersection of Miller Street, and Beatty Avenue, with detours in place.
  • Street and property access will be maintained for residents in front of the school during this time.


This is a repeat of the information I sent home via Seesaw.

You will have received a note home regarding the Scribblers Festival. This was originally supposed to take place in May but was postponed until September. Due to having a number of incursions and excursions already this term the school has subsidised the cost of the excursion. With the cost of the bus and entry ticket the price would have been $25 per student. We are asking for families with children in Year 1 to 6 to pay $15 per child.

We are very keen for our students to access this high quality event, which links very well with the English Curriculum and the work that teachers are doing with their students in reading and writing. If anyone is having difficulty paying, please contact the school and ask to speak with Kim Knowles. Your call will be confidential.

We are hoping for all students to attend as writing is such an important part of the curriculum. There are three sessions that students attend on the day. The program for each of the groups is as follows:

Years 1-2/3 Wednesday 14 September 2022 Rooms 1, 11, 2,3,4 (6 adults)

Venue: Subiaco Arts Centre- Festival Marquee


Frané Lessac, Katrina Nannestad, Briony Stewart

Presenters’ websites:

Frane Lessac:

Katrina Nannestad:

Briony Stewart:

Years 3- 4 Friday 16 September 2022 Rooms 5, 6, 7 (only the 4s) 12 (6 adults)

Venue: Subiaco Arts Centre- Festival Marquee

Presenters: Sally Murphy, Katrina Nannenstad, George Ivanoff

Presenters’ websites: Sally Murphy:

Katrina Nannenstad:

George Ivanoff:

Years 5-6 Friday 16 September 2022 Rooms 7 (only the 5s), 8, 9, 10 (5 adults)

Venue: Subiaco Arts Centre- Main Auditorium

Presenters: Olivier Phommavahn, Wai Chim, Shirley Marr

Presenters’ websites:

Olivier Phommavahn:

Wai Chim:

Shirley Marr: (lives in Vic Park!)

Kim Knowles


Flourish Happenings!

It’s been an amazing term for Flourish opportunities. Many students participated in the ICAS assessments and results will be made available shortly. The recent challenges and opportunities have made for a very engaging school day. This week we have Rhys Thurston (Rm 12), Martha Walters (Science Specialist) and Emma Van Brakel (ECE 1) from the Flourish Team share some of their highlights.

Julie Brewer

Deputy Principal

Room 12 – Flourish Conundrum

This term, Year 4 students were presented a real-life scenario. They wanted to purchase a brand new, super-dooper Spacetalk Smartwatch. It cost $180, yet they only had $100 in their piggy bank. The difference was to be made up by doing house chores for $5 a week. Students were presented two options: complete house chores and save up for the watch or purchase the watch immediately and pay interest on top of the original price. Students factored the amount of interest they would pay, the time it would take to save, the satisfaction of receiving the item straight away and what house chores constituted $5 a week. Nearly 75% of students elected to save the required $80 while a touch over 25% chose the interest path.

Early Childhood

We have been learning about our place in space. To engage our students, we created a dramatic play space station where students have enjoyed dressing up as astronauts and pretending they are travelling through space with their crew! We have immersed in all things ‘science’ this week – making ooblek and cosmic slime, experimenting with colours and making magnetic marble runs. 

Scitech at EVPPS!

Kindy – Year 3 Day and Night – Earth and Space Sciences Show and Workshop 


Journey through our day time sky as it makes the exciting change into night. What’s different? Why do we have day and night? What can we observe and learn about together?


Tinker and experiment in building a shelter from the weather – we’ll make our own wild, windy day to test it out!

Year 4 -6 Our Solar System Show and Workshop


Learn how astronomers searched the night skies and discovered our solar system throughout history. You’ll learn about the solar system, our nearest neighbours and why our home is so special!

At our recent Scitech Incursion students were given an open-ended inquiry-based activity to use given materials to safely land a Lego Rover on the hard surface of Mars.  Students worked in groups to use their scientific knowledge to creatively design the landing gear.  This kind of STEM activity allows students to engage in learning in an interactive, dynamic and exciting environment. Students often flourish engaging in STEM activities. 


Put your engineering skills to the test as you design, build and test a way to land a fragile robot rover on the surface of another planet!

Mrs Martha Walters and Mrs Louise Gibson

Science Specialist Teachers

Faction Carnival

Last week we held our two Faction Carnivals. Both days were fantastic and our students did us proud! Everyone worked really hard and gave their best during all events. On Friday we crowned our winning Faction…    STIRLING!!!

We also crowned our Champion Boy and Girl for each year group as well as the Runners Up. Congratulations everyone – what an achievement!

Year 3
Year 3

Year 4
Year 4
Year 5
Year 5
Year 6
Year 6

Mrs Kelly Walker

Physical Education Specialist