New Classroom Sites for 2020

We have had a very significant change to classroom locations for 2020.

The ESC student numbers have grown and as a result they required more classrooms.

Mrs Rundle and Miss Goodwin have moved out of their classrooms in the ESC which we affectionately referred to as “up in Carnarvon” and have returned to the main school site.

We now have a classroom operating out of the demountable building that was our temporary staff room for most of this year during the renovations.

This room is now a new classroom for Mr Jones.

We also have a classroom in the iCentre (library) and this is Mr Thurston’s classroom.

This is temporary arrangement until a demountable is delivered to the school, hopefully before the end of semester one, 2020.

Classrooms and Teachers for 2020

ECE 2A  Kindy – Mrs Linda Gerovich, Mrs Rachael Warneford

ECE 2B Kindy – Ms Renee Doring, Ms Ashley Paik

ECE 1 – Pre Primary Ms Sarah Dring, Mrs Jody  Cunningham

ECE 4 – Pre Primary Ms Emma Van Brakel, Mrs Melanie Smit

ECE 1 Wednesday Ms Kate Pittuck

ECE 4 Thursday Ms Kate Pittuck

Room 1 – Year 1 – Ms Melissa Chan

Room 2 – Year 1 – Mrs Allison Cutri & Mrs Deb Gerstorfer

Room 3 – Year 1 /2 – Mrs Rochelle Krieg

Room 4 –  LOTE Japanese  Specialist Teacher David Pemberton (Mon / Tue)

EAL/D Specialist Teacher Mrs Ilona Vincze (Wed/Thur/Fri)

Room 5 – Year 2 Miss Jeike Coulter Nile

Room 6 – Year 2 /3 Miss Annabelle Oag

Room 7 – Year 5 / 6 Mr Damien McDaid

Room 8 – Year 5 / 6 Miss Bianca Matthews

Room 9 – Year 4 /5 Miss Ashlee Goodwin

Room 10 – Year 4 Mrs Karen Rundle (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri) Mrs Martha Walters (Tuesday)

Room 11 – Year 3 Mr Tristan Jones  (Demountable beside ECE 4))

Room 12 – Year 3 /4 Mr Rhys Thurston (iCentre)

Science Specialist Teacher: Mrs Martha Walters (Monday and Wednesday)

Phys Ed Specialist Teacher: Mr Blair Ranford (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri)

Performing Arts Specialist: Mrs Alison Motherwell (Wed/Thur/Fri)

ICT Specialist Teacher: Mrs Karen Rundle (Tuesday)