P&C Association

East Victoria Park Primary Schools Parents and Citizens’ Association Inc.

Established under the Schools Education Act of 1999, the East Victoria Park Primary Schools Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C) is the collective voice of parents, carers and citizens from the school community who advocate for positive change that will truly make a difference.

The P&C supports East Victoria Park Primary School and East Victoria Park Education Support Centre, who share the grounds at 30 Beatty Avenue East Victoria Park WA 6101. Approximately 70 incredible and dedicated staff are responsible for the education of more than 450 children. The student community represents more than 55 cultures, and 55% of students have a language background other than English.

The Western Australian Council of State School Organisations Incorporated (WACSSO) is the peak body supporting the P&C. WACSSO works passionately across the State to improve the public education system.

If you have an interest in your child’s education and the school community, please consider joining the P&C. Becoming a member provides you with an opportunity to meet new people and other families, teachers and principals, and show your children you support their school community and education. We are stronger together.

To join, use your smartphone to scan the QR code below or fill out the online form 2024 P&C Membership Form. You can be involved as much or as little as suits you and new members are always welcome! To join, a payment of a nominal fee of $1 is required. 

Enhancing Educational Outcomes For All

The P&C supports a strong government school system for the benefit of all students, parents, carers and citizens. Functions of the P&C include:

  • Participating in developing school education policies
  • Encouraging parent participation and involvement in the school community
  • Discussing issues pertaining to the school community
  • Promoting and supporting communication and cooperation within the school community
  • Bringing educational matters to the attention of the wider community, and
  • Providing extra resources (via fundraising, events and grants) that benefit government school students.

Join the P&C Facebook Page EVPPS P&C Facebook

Have a question? Contact the P&C. Please email evppspandc@gmail.com 

2024 Key Dates – Second Hand Uniforms

Please consider donating your unwanted school uniforms to the second-hand uniform shop. The P&C will sell them, with all monies raised going back to EVPPS and ESC. Please drop donations to Administration or the second-hand uniform shop on open days.

In 2024, the second-hand uniform shop will be open each term on:

  • Mondays of week 1 from 8.30am – 9.15am.
  • Mondays of week 5 from 3pm – 3.45pm.

The P&C thanks ESC for running the second-hand uniform shop in 2024.

2024 Key Dates – Fundraising

In 2024, the P&C aims to coordinate numerous fundraising opportunities and events throughout the year to raise money for both schools. Please check the calendar on this website for P&C events and details. Also join the P&C Facebook Page EVPPS P&C Facebook.

Recent Achievements

Recent achievements of the P&C include:

  • Annual financial contribution for graduation and book prizes for both schools
  • Financial contribution of $22k for library furniture 
  • Financial contribution of $5k for a projector for ESC
  • Financial contribution of $5k for bikes and sensory tools for ESC
  • Financial contribution of $35k for staging 
  • Financial contribution of $10k for new books in the library
  • Financial contribution of $67k for the nature playground
  • Receiving an event grant from the Department of Transport and WestCycle for Bike Month
  • Financially supporting the online cyber safe course for parents
  • Commissioning an artist to paint a mural and completing gardening in the Kindergarten area
  • Establishing a P&C fundraising account for Containers for Change
  • Coordination of major fundraising events including the highly successful Halloween disco and faction carnival sausage sizzles, and
  • Running the second-hand uniform shop.

Containers for Change

Join Containers for Change and donate to East Victoria Park Primary Schools’ Parents and Citizens Association (P&C).

  1. Collect and return your drink containers to Containers for Change. 
  2. Before you go to the refund point, click the barcode or scan the QR code. Add EVPPS P&C to your smartphone wallet. Or, at the refund point, let them know you wish to donate to ID: C10600862. 
  3. Donate your 10¢ refunds for every accepted container to the P&C.

Your P&C

The 2024 P&C Executive Committee includes:

President:Sarah Malacari
Vice President:Anita O’Sullivan
Treasurer:Michael Mazur

To contact the P&C, please email evppspandc@gmail.com.

We will endeavor to get back to you within a week. We hope to hear from you.

  • Kristy Brown – President
  • Sarah Malacari – Vice President
  • Catherine Marin – Secretary
  • Katelyn Rodoreda – Treasurer
  • Simon Cheung – Executive Committee Member
  • Michelle Cotsford – Executive Committee Member
  • Jamiee Holland – Executive Committee Member
  • Jess Mendonca – Executive Committee Member
  • Anita O’Sullivan – Executive Committee Member


P&C meetings are held on Monday nights in the school library at 7pm on the 3rd and 8th week of each term. Please join the P&C to receive online meeting log ins.

All welcome