Welcome to our week 9 Newsletter

What a month it’s been!

With COVID-19 dominating every conversation, classrooms empty (except for the teachers/EA’s) and all school events cancelled, there really isn’t a lot to go in the newsletter this week. The staff have all been busy trying to get things organised for term 2 – learning at home, as well as keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing information we are all receiving daily.

I would really like to say a BIG thank you to all our families at this time for their understanding, support and random acts of kindness to our staff over the last few weeks. It really has helped to lift the spirits of everyone still here at school.

SeeSaw / Cyber Safety

All parents will receive information shortly about joining their children to the SeeSaw ‘Class’ App. This App is different to the SeeSaw ‘Family’ App that parents use. The ‘Class’ App will allow students to send/receive things from their teachers during time away from school next term.

With many students accessing online learning over the coming weeks it is a huge reminder for all of us to take care with Cyber Safety and make sure we monitor what children are doing whilst on a device. There is more information and helpful tips here: https://www.esafety.gov.au/

Home Resource Kits

Staff have been busily preparing Home Resource Kits for families to collect in preparation for your child’s home learning program in term 2. These kits provide some basics for families including an exercise book, pencil, paper, etc. to complement the online learning activities. Teachers from Yr 1-6 will message parents via SeeSaw to let them know when to collect their child’s kit from school next week.

It is strictly a “CURB COLLECT”. Just ONE family member to collect the kit and you may collect for a friend if they are in the same class. If you miss the opportunity – DON’T STRESS!!! Your child will not need these resources until next term. This is not WORK!!

Please Note: Teachers in Kindy/Pre-Primary will be sending their packs home in the first week of next term.

Hoping everyone is safe, happy and healthy.

Missing everyone a lot.

Tony Matheson – Principal