Technologies is a popular learning area at East Victoria Park Primary School.

Our focus when teaching the Western Australian Technologies curriculum is to ensure that we teach the necessary knowledge, skills, and understandings to ensure our students are lifelong learners who are ready to tackle the challenges of the future workforce.

The Technologies curriculum consists of two areas:

  • Digital Technologies – where students learn to confidently use digital systems to solve digital problems.
  • Design Technologies – Students produce design solutions and understand the role of design and technology opportunities in society.

EVPPS is an environment where all students and staff have ready access to a full range of current resources when teaching and engaging with the curriculum.  These include:

  • iPads – approximately 150 iPads across the school.
  • interactive televisions in every classroom
  • laptops – class set for senior students
  • robots – a variety of age-appropriate robots

The use of these resources during technology lessons provides an enriching and engaging environment where students can problem solve to create solutions to digital problems. At EVPPS we strongly believe in supporting staff to teach this new learning area as well as staying up to date with the fast pace of technology in society.  


With an increasingly crowded curriculum, EVPPS continues its journey with STEAM.  STEAM is an education approach to learning that uses Science, Technologies, Engineering, Art and Maths for guiding inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Students are explicitly taught Science, Maths, Art and Technologies skills and understandings in individual lessons. This developed knowledge is then applied to real world, integrated cross-curricular projects where students are encouraged to take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration and work through the creative process. Teachers motivate students to explore and utilise their creative skills to problem solve. Through these activities, student interest and engagement has increased significantly.

STEAM continues to be enhanced through whole school events such as the Colour Explosion Fun Run/ STEAM day, staff professional learning,  as well as relevant excursions and incursions.