Physical Education

East Victoria Park Primary School’s Physical Education program is focused on the development of student’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and game sense approach. The schools CORE values are greatly emphasised in lessons, teaching students sportsmanship, correct skill acquisition, personal goals setting and co-operation to ensure inclusivity.

The Year 3 to Year 6 program is aligned to the seasonal sports, with the students participated in a wide variety of sports and skills, encouraging them to join local community clubs. The senior students are also involvement in the Victoria Park School Sports Association Interschool sports carnivals as well as Eagles Cup and West Coast Fever Netball competitions. The Pre-primary to Year 2 program emphasises the development of correct skill acquisition of basic FMS across a range of settings. These skills provide the foundation for all movements and provide the confidence for students to participate and master a range of physical activities.

Faction Captains are elected at the start of each year and are responsible for maintaining the sports shed, setting up equipment and assisting teachers during senior sport. The whole school Morning Fitness program was implemented to support our students in preparation for learning, helping student’s concentration, engagement and behaviour.