Sustainability Day

Our planet is so incredibly important but in order to take care of it properly, we first need to take care of our own bodies and minds. The focus of this year’s Sustainability Day was therefore to promote healthy habits to improve student health and wellbeing. Sustainability Day commenced with a Sustainability Show, at which the Junior and Senior vocal ensembles performed sustainable songs and the best “Healthy Hero” costume winner was announced. A group of students also brought our latest picture book, Healthy Hero, to life with a special performance.

During the day, students participated in a variety of activities and incursions to raise their awareness about healthy, sustainable habits and ideas:

Kidz ‘n Sport Incursion

Yoga Incursion

Water in Aboriginal Culture Incursion

Crunch & Sip Incursion

ECO Faeries Incursion

Break Time Activities led by Year 6 Students

Students were also given the opportunity to watch a movie (K-2) or documentary (3-6) that had a sustainability theme. The screening of these movies/documentaries raised awareness about pressing sustainability issues while raising funds for our 2021 Year 6 Camp. During the screening, students enjoyed some healthy fruit and vegetables with hummus in reusable cups.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Sustainability Day. We hope students learnt something new during Sustainability Day and are inspired to transform into a Healthy Hero!

Healthy Hero Picture Book

Our latest picture book in our sustainability series has been published. Presenting…

Thank you to the incredible illustrators and astonishing authors who contributed throughout the writing process. Without your tireless hard work and creativity, our Healthy Hero would not exist! Thank you to our passionate performers who brought our latest picture book to life at our Sustainability Show. 

The picture book is available for purchase from the front office for $10.00. All proceeds will go towards future sustainability projects at EVPPS.