Revised Arrangements for Term 2

The State Government has given Parents and Carers a choice about whether their children return to school for face-to-face teaching or learn from home.  

It is a personal decision influenced by each family’s circumstances.

To assist with your decision making, please note the following:

  • Monday 27 April is a public holiday;
  • Tuesday 28 April will be a pupil free day. There will be no students at school as staff will be using this day for preparation;
  • From Wednesday 29 April, school is open for all students whose parents/carers choose to send them;
  • Students who attend school will be taught a face-to-face program and timetable;
  • For those children learning from home, this will be through online or hard copy packages provided to you from school.  
  • Details of how to undertake and return the work will accompany the packages;
  • For those students who are learning from home, contact by school will be made each week by phone and/or online. 
  • Support will be available throughout each school day by our teachers and Education Assistants.
  • We are a “Kiss at the Curb” and “Collect at the Curb” school.
  • Parents & Carers are asked to drop their child/children at the “Kiss and Ride” verge area and please do not enter the school grounds.

Changes to START and FINISH times for all students

Students attending “Out of School Hours” care will be the ONLY children supervised on site before 8.30 am.

Students NOT attending OSHC are NOT to enter the school grounds prior to 8.30 am.

Drop Off Arrangements

8.30 am: All families with MORE THAN ONE CHILD attending our school will be met at the front of the school by a designated staff member at 8.30 am.

9.00 am: All families with ONLY ONE CHILD attending our school   will be met at the front of the school by a designated staff member at 9.00am.

Afternoon Pick Up Arrangements

2.30 pm: All children from Kindergarten, Pre Primary, Rooms 1 – 6 will be dismissed at 2.30 pm. 

The students will be brought to the front of the school by a staff member to the same designated area and then you will meet your child.

SIBLINGS of the childrren in these classes will also leave at this time if that is the arrangement made with the Parent or Carer.

These arrangements must be clarified by the Parent or Carer with the classroom teacher.

3.00 pm: Students in Rooms 7,8,9,10, 11 and 12 will be dismissed.

Student Attendance Survey

Parents and Carers please complete the “Term 2 Attendance” survey sent to you through SEE SAW by this Thursday 23rdApril.

Additional information will be distributed in the coming days.

We will review our arrangements regularly to ensure we continue to meet the guidelines of the Educattion Department.

We greatly appreciate your continued support, especially as arrangements have changed so rapidly in the past week.

We want to acknowledge the outstanding job you are doing as you navigate your way through this time, juggling your own personal situations and the ever changing conditions presented to you ourside your family life. We will get through this together and we will continue to support each family to ensure the best possible outcome for each of our students. Thank you so much.