Principal’s Messages – welcome to week 6

Oz West Wildlife Incursion

It was great to see EVPPS students getting a ‘hands-on’ education with some of our amazing Australian animals last week. Students got to learn about (and touch) a variety of animals including Koalas, Dingos, Pythons and Bobtail Lizards. A big thank you goes out to Mrs Walters for organising such a wonderful experience for the school. You can see some of the pictures from the day by visiting Oz West Wildlife Incursion news.

2020 Parent/Carer Survey 

Please keep an eye on your emails early next week as parents/carers will be sent a link to our 2020 Parent/Carer Survey. The survey will provide valuable feedback to the school on how it is going and while it is not compulsory, I would greatly appreciate all parents/carers taking the time to complete it if possible.

Interschool Cross-Country 

Well done to everyone who took part in the Interschool Cross-Country Carnival. Our students put in a great effort against some very stiff competition from the other schools and did us proud. Thank you to Mr Ranford, Ms Vincze and all parents who attended, for supporting the team on the day.

Room 2 & 3 Assembly

Congratulations to Mrs Cutri, Mrs Gerstorfer, Mrs Krieg, Miss Gyurity and all of the students from Rooms 2 & 3 for putting on a fantastic “sports” assembly this morning. It was great to learn all about your favourite sports and it’s so encouraging to see that so many of you are involved in sport outside of the school.

I especially enjoyed the song “My Sport” you wrote with Mrs Motherwell.

We also bid farewell to Amy from OSH club. Amy has coordinated OSH at our school for the last few years. We thank her for taking such wonderful care of so many of our children before and after school. 

I would also like to congratulate all of our Honour Certificate and Commendation Medal winners for their amazing achievement.

Merit Award Recipients

Congratulations to our outstanding Merit Award Winners for this week. They are:

ECE 1PedroRoom 7Honey
ECE 4NorvalRoom 8Choedup
Room 1EkampreetRoom 9Alexis
Room 2IvyRoom 10Molly
Room 3JaredRoom 11Abigail
Room 5ElijahRoom 12Zakari
Room 6YamsthenRoom 14Luke

Commendation Medallion Recipients

Well done to the following students who received a Commendation Medallion at today’s assembly.

It was unfortunate that the medallions had not arrived in time so I will come to your classrooms and present your medallions once they are here. Thank you for being so understanding.

Congratulations to Johan, Aubrey, Alice, Soniya, Oliver and Sofia

Have a great week ahead.

Tony Matheson – Principal