Oz West Wildlife Incursion

As part of Science Week 2020 students had the opportunity to engage with some Western Australian native fauna.  On Wednesday 19th August Oz West Wildlife visited our school with some very special friends.  Students learnt about and touched Juda the Koala, Yappa the dingo, Rambo the python and Rosie the bobtail lizard.  We learnt that; baby koalas are called joeys and are the size of a jelly bean at birth, that dingoes don’t bark like a dog but howl like wolves, all snakes are protected in Australia and that bobtail lizards have snap jaws which are very hard to open once they are attached.  It was all so interesting.  The very best thing was that we could touch and interact with the animals.

Oz West Wildlife keepers where fantastic and clearly loved their animals.  All 272 students from years 1 -6 attended the event which was fantastic!