IPS School Board

IPS – School Board 2019

The EVPPS School Board is a forum to contribute to the improvement of the school and its community.  Discussions are focused on improving whole school strategies to enable all students to reach their potential.  Meetings are scheduled at least once per term.  At least one meeting per year is open to the whole school community – to be advertised in the school newsletter.

The Board operates according to the Terms of Reference (see below) and members are comprised of parents and staff.  Please contact Jesvin Karimi (Chair) or Tony Matheson (Principal) for further information.

The EVPPS School Board includes

Jesvin Karimi (Board Chair)     Tony Matheson (Principal)

Dom Passalacqua (Parent)   Sue Dawkins (Community Member)   Oliver Lindsell (Parent)

Paul Whitfield (Parent)    Sri Ayyalusamy (Parent)  Blair Ranford (Staff)    Kate Pittuck (Staff)

Jye Flood (Parent)    Jeff Daddow (Parent)   Lynda Fenton (Corporate Service Manager- non voting member)

Terms of Reference