Newsletter 18 February 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

As we draw to then end of Week 3 I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our staff, students and school community to remain positive and focused in the event of the challenges and changes that have been presented to us over the past weeks.

I’d like to welcome back ECE1 students and their teachers, who returned yesterday from their period of isolation. Miss Van Brakel, Mrs Smit and Mrs Whyte worked hard from home to stay connected with their students and to provide continuity of learning during the class closure. A big thank you to the parents of ECE1 too, who had to make changes to their schedules, at a moment’s notice las week.

The very hot weather we have experienced since school has been back has presented a lot of challenges for staff and students, especially in classrooms where the ventilation strategy means that doors and windows are open, when previously they would not have been. We have been observing our Sun Protection Policy, with students applying sunscreen before recess and lunch. On a number of occasions, when the temperature has reached 37°C or above, we have kept the children indoors at lunch time. 

I took this photo in Room 11 on Thursday – they were enjoying a fun mat session with Miss McCauley. What a delightful bunch of children there are in Room 11.


Please remember that the “pick up set down” zone on Beatty Avenue is a no parking zone in the morning and in the afternoon during school opening and school closure. There are parking signs in the area and these should be observed at all times. If you would like a card made up at the office with your child/ren’s name/s on, please email us at

The A4 cards that you can place on your dashboard make it easier to match the children to the right car, ensuring that the traffic flows as smoothly as possible. We are continually working with the Town of Victoria Park on our parking issues, however given the nature of Beatty Avenue there are no easy solutions. Children in Year 1 to 6 can be picked up and set down in the zone. It is important for the flow of traffic that students can get in and out of their car independently. Please also move as far forward in the bay as you can to assist traffic flow.

NAPLAN Online public demonstration site

It is particularly important that all Year 3 and Year 5 students are familiar with the variety of question types used in NAPLAN Online and the type of device they will be using for the testing. Our students will be using iPads and staff will be familiarising students with these devices in class.

The ACARA NAPLAN Online public demonstration site is available for this purpose and allows staff, students and parents/carers to view, and interact with, example test questions and, where applicable, some accessibility features available in the test platform. The site also contains a number of resources (FAQs, user guide and technical requirements) that will continue to be updated.

Assembly Merit Award Winners

Thank you to Mr Thurston and Room 12 for our assembly with a difference today. Students in Room 12 pre-recorded their item earlier in the week and sent a PowerPoint to each teacher who then viewed the assembly with students in class today. The very talented students below were awarded Merit Certificates by their teachers. Congratulations to the following students for making such a great start to the year:

ECE 3Charlotte F
Rm11Daniel H
Rm1Bryan Z
Rm2Adam A
Rm3Marcus C
Rm4Skye M
Rm5Alexander S
Rm6Johan T
Rm12Manvi P
Rm 7Hayden J
Rm8Shuvanshu J
Rm9Ameesha B
Rm10Emilie W

Year 1 and 2 Playground Update

Our new playground is very near to completion. We are now awaiting a final inspection by Kidsafe WA. Once we receive their report we will be able to start using it. Once again, a very big thank you to the P& C who contributed $30 000 to the project last year.

I hope you manage to find somewhere to swim or somewhere to cool down over the weekend.

Kind regards
Kim Knowles

East Victoria Park Primary Schools P&C

East Victoria Park Primary School is a great place thanks to our amazing school staff, and the support and involvement of parents. The P&C provides the forum for parents, teachers and citizens to collaborate to continuously improve the school. The P&C runs throughout the school year, with office bearers elected by the members each year. We have a fantastic diverse school community and we are always looking for, and welcome, new faces in our P&C.

Research has shown that parent/carer involvement in a child’s education makes a significant contribution to a child’s success at school.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the P&C meetings. We meet twice a term on Monday night of week 3 & 8 of the Term, at 7pm in the staff room or online if required due to COVID.

Please also follow us on Facebook to be kept up to date-

P&C Annual General Meeting

Due to the current COVID restriction our first meeting the AGM will be held on Monday 21st February 2022 via an online meeting platform (to be advised).

Some of our parents have children at the school for only one or two more years, and so we are looking for lots of new parents and carers who may be new to the school who would be interested in taking on a role or being involved.

All Office Bearer and Executive positions are made vacant at the start of the meeting, and nominations will be sought for the following positions. Our President has advised she won’t be able to renominate this year.

The President

  • Be the link between Parents and School Administration – the face of the P&C
  • Chairperson for the P&C Association Meetings
  • Signatory to the P&C Account
  • Oversee the other executive positions & committees

The Vice President

  • Understudy to the President
  • Chairperson for the P&C Association meetings if the President is unable to
  • Being a Signatory to the P&C account
  • WACSSO Liaison – the link between the P&C & WACSSO (WA Council of State School Organisation Inc)

The Honorary Treasurer

  • Have overall responsibility for all P&C accounts including all sub-committees
  • Prepare and present a written report for every General Meeting
  • Prepare annual financial statements or books for review/audit
  • Being a signatory to P&C account

The Secretary

  • Posting notice of meetings in writing
  • Assisting the President to draw up the agenda
  • Recording minutes of the meeting
  • Dealing with correspondence
  • Maintaining membership records
  • Being a signatory to the P&C account
  • Additional nominations will be sought for the larger Executive group of the committee and the fundraising, social media and second hand uniform shop sub-committees.


If you join our P&C Association, or can help in any way, here’s a taste of the great things that your efforts will result in for your children.

As well as organising fun events like the Movie Night, the P&C has provided funding for the following:

  • $30,000 Contribution towards the Year 1 & 2 playground
  • Big Fan in the undercover area
  • $20,000 Contributions towards the playground near the undercover area
  • Early Childhood Nature playground
  • Annual contributions to the Year 6 graduation and school awards

We actively encourage you to consider joining our P&C Association. If you would like to get involved, please complete the online membership form and transfer your $1 membership fee.