Principals News – 9 November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to Week 5 of Term 4. I have been really impressed with the quality of learning I have observed from many of our students over the past few weeks. One of the most satisfying parts of my job is when children get sent to the office to show ‘good work’ or when teachers are so thrilled with what their students have produced, they bring it to the office to show Mrs Brewer and I. So many children have made enormous gains in their learning and I feel immensely privileged to be part of their journey. I encourage all parents to ensure your child/children are reading every night. As I always say to the children you learn so very much by reading.

Halloween Disco

A huge thank you to our amazing P&C team who put together the Halloween Disco. The Undercover Area was unrecognisable as the ‘Disco Team’ transformed the space into a spooky Halloween venue. I’d also like to thank the many staff who attended – children love seeing their teachers at these events. To the many parents who stayed, who made sure their children dressed up, helped with the clean-up and those who supported by sending the children along, thank you all so very much – it was such a great evening and I am so very grateful to all in the community who supported such a memorable event. 

Our Staff Development Day

This is on Friday, 19 November 2021. There will be no school on that day. The P&C have organised a ‘Rollerskate Playdate Fundraiser’ for those that can attend, at the Rollerdrome Skating Park in Morley. The Morley venue will donate half of all entrance fees back to the P&C. What a wonderful initiative from our P&C, I hope that those that can, go along and have a great time.

Year 1 and 2 Playground

The first stage of the playground has commenced. The concrete crosses, the concrete cylinder, concrete discs, gravel mound and wooden logs are all being made safe to use in this stage. The earthworks are an important step as we need to ensure that we have a 300mm thick soft fall surrounding this equipment, something that we didn’t have before. This stage will also incorporate a bordered sandpit, that will keep the sand contained. The entire school community has been so helpful with supporting the P&C to fundraise – we wouldn’t be at this stage without the wonderful support we have had this year. Thank you so very much.


Thank you for ensuring that your children continue to wear their uniform every day. The school dress code reflects the standards expected of students and promotes a positive image of the school. Please be reminded that girls should be wearing blue leggings under their skort or dress. The wearing of the uniform is an important element in building a positive school culture and contributes to children developing a sense of belonging. A sense of belonging is an important aspect of positive health and wellbeing. Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly labelled with names, especially as we have swimming lessons coming up in the next few weeks.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons commence on Monday 22 November. Please ensure that permissions and payments have been made. If you need assistance with payment, please call the school on 6228 0700 and ask to speak with Mrs Knowles.

2022 Class Placements

A reminder that we are beginning to plan classes for 2022. Please let us know if you are not going to be here in 2022. If you have any information that you would like us to consider when making class placements for next year, please email me at by Friday 19 November, 2021.


Congratulations on a wonderful assembly item by Room 12 – we had no idea that Mr Ranford’s first job was in a fish and chip shop. There were some crazy ones too – an armpit sniffer, a waterslide test and a pet food taster – to name a few! As always our students are so very confident speaking in front of audiences – a great job all round to Room 12.

Merit Award Winners

ECE 1Emi I
ECE 3Thomas S
Rm1Phoebe L
Rm2Shannan G
Rm3Jasper C
Rm4Abigail L
Rm5Ruby N
Rm6James H
Rm7Jane W
Rm8Zhezang Y
Rm9Clint I
Rm10Georgia H
Rm11Lewis R
Rm12Evelyn G
ESCJaylene M

Arriving at School

Just a reminder that students should not be arriving at school before 8.30am.

Students can then go straight to classes ready for our school day to commence at 8.50am. On the odd occasion when an earlier arrival is necessary, students should wait quietly on the benches at the back of the Library.

Semester Two Reports

At this end of this semester, all reports will be sent electronically via email. It is really important that we have your current email address on file so that you receive your child’s report. 

Finally, we have been advised of the following:

Review of a Type A Children’s crossing

EAST VICTORIA PARK: Mint Street near St Beatty Avenue 

Please be advised that the above children’s crossing is currently being reviewed by the Children’s Crossings and Road Safety Committee (CC&RSC).

In order to complete the review two sets of surveys (x2 AM and x2 PM) will be conducted at the location along with a site assessment. Please encourage student pedestrians to utilise the facility so that a true picture of the school community’s needs may be gathered.

On completion of the review a report will be forwarded to the Children’s Crossings and Road Safety Committee (CC&RSC) for their consideration and recommendations.

Have a great rest of the week.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles