Newsletter 31 May 2024

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to Room 11 for your wonderful performance at assembly this morning. The book you read and performed for us had such great messaging. I love the message about being kind to yourself and to others!

The performance of the song at the end of the assembly was beautiful. Thank you, Sanah and Georgina – your performance was outstanding – you are both brave and awesome!!

Congratulations to our award winners at today’s assembly:

Rm 1Leila
Rm 2Vicente
Rm 3Sarah
Rm 4Angel
Rm 5Tanveer
Rm 6Eyad
Rm 7Kavithma
Rm 8Theo
Rm 9Lance
Rm 10Jonty
Rm 11Dayan
Rm 12Luna
Rm 13Austin
PE Award:
Rm 10Manreen
PBS Medallion Award:
Rm 7Kavithma
Rm 11Dayan

Quality Teaching Strategy – Partnerships Initiative

I am pleased to advise that our school’s application to participate in the Quality Teaching Strategy (QTS) partnerships initiative has been successful. The QTS is the Department of Education’s position on effective teaching and the aspects of school culture which support improved teaching practice. A key component of the QTS is Teaching for Impact (TfI) which informs this initiative.

The QTS partnerships initiative involves schools seeking improvement support through engagement with a lead school. Twenty-six QTS lead schools will each partner with up to 2 schools. Ranford Primary School has been allocated as our lead school.

Kate Kay, Emma Van Brakel, Meg Johns, and Paul Young will lead this initiative in the early childhood space.

Kindergarten and Pre-primary Enrolments

We are already planning for 2025. Please reach out to your networks and let them know that the enrolments for Kindy and Pre-Primary for 2025 close on Friday 19 July. We continue to be under significant enrolment pressure and wouldn’t like for any of our local families to miss out on a place at Kindy next year. Deputy Principal, Mrs Gray is reaching out to local childcare centres and playgroups to advise families of the closing date. Unfortunately, many first time Kindy families are unaware of how early they need to enrol for the following year.

Parking and Driver Behaviour

This continues to be a significant issue. The only families permitted to use the staff car park on Beatty Avenue are the families who are dropping off and picking up Education Support students.

I understand driver frustration at the lack of parking and the bank up of cars trying to get off Beatty Avenue and onto Mint Street. However, student safety is much more important than having to wait an extra few minutes for the traffic to clear or the time it takes to park a little further away.

Please do not perform U-turns on Beatty Avenue, I have witnessed too many near misses when cars are reversing into traffic. Please work with me to ensure that all families keep safe.

Please do not park in the driveways or on the verges of our neighbours across the street – this is causing some significant inconvenience and stress to our neighbours.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles


Councillor Messages

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Premier’s Reading Challenge. While last year we had only 30 students competing, this year we have over 170 children, wow! These students were acknowledged at our assembly today. We are so proud of how involved everyone is getting in the reading challenge.


Barefoot on Country Event

I would just like to thank all of you for taking part in the National Reconciliation Week Barefoot on Country event. Also, thank you to La-Shay for doing the Acknowledgement of Country. It is nice to know that we are doing all our work on Aboriginal land, and we should know how lucky we are to have Aboriginal land.


Book Builder’s Challenge

The Book Builders Challenge is almost over, so I would like to announce the future authors that have been shortlisted from years 5 and 6:

  • ROOM 7 – Archie – Poisonous Fish Outbreak
  • ROOM 7 – Oliver – Icey
  • ROOM 7 – Zadie – Astro Cat and the Birthday Cake
  • ROOM 8 – Amber – The Purple Paint
  • ROOM 8 – Chloe – Potion Class
  • ROOM 9 – Eliza – The Unfortunate Life of Marshall Griffin: One of the Many Unfortunate Days of My Life
  • ROOM 9 – Jess – Girl of the Birds
  • ROOM 10 – James – Summoning Cthulhu for YouTube Views
  • ROOM 10 – Jonty – The Average Life for a Fish
  • ROOM 10 – Zane – The Flicker of Teleportation

We are so proud of these amazing students.