Newsletter 24 June 2022

Kaya everyone

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of Term 2 already. Semester 1 reports will be emailed home on Monday. I advised earlier in the term that due to the continued impact of COVID-19 on student and staff attendance that we needed to do some things differently so that the focus could remain on the daily teaching program. For this reason, our Semester 1 report will look a little different. The report will include the A to E grades (or equivalent 5-point scale) for required learning areas, information regarding attitude, behaviour and effort and a general comment. Should you wish for additional information please make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher.

I would like to thank students, teachers and parents for getting us through what has been a very difficult term, especially with staff and student absences due to COVID – 19. Staff have worked hard at providing continuity in their teaching and learning programs and students have pursued their learning goals despite a significant number of them missing a week or two of school. I’d like to thank parents for keeping us informed of your children’s absences and continuing to keep your children at home, when they are unwell.

We had an awesome assembly this morning. Mr Cutler’s class provided us with a fabulous rendition of the Three …… I mean the 15 Little Pigs! They kept the whole school entertained with their retelling and acting out of the fairy tale. Congratulations to all of the students in Room 1, you were awesome.

Congratulations to our most recent Merit Award winners:

Rm 1Daniel James
Rm 2Eshal
Rm 3Nuradha
Rm 4Alisa
Rm 5Jeremy
Rm 6Theo
Rm 7Charles
Rm 8Evelyn
Rm 9Fraser
Rm 10Tayah
Rm 11Makenna
Rm 12Liam


We have Rapid Antigen Tests available for families in the office. If you are in need of some, please call in to the office to collect them.

School Dress Code

A sub-committee of the School Board has been formed to review the current School Dress Code. Dress Codes for students in public schools are determined by school councils and boards in consultation with students, their parents and staff of the school. I will send out a draft of the updated Dress Code next week for parent comment. A school’s dress code supports all students to participate fully in school life. Dress codes can help create a sense of identity and a school culture in which every student experiences a sense of belonging.

Please be reminded that students should wear the school uniform every day. Students with shoulder length or longer hair are required to wear their hair tied back. If you are experiencing financial difficulty and require assistance to purchase uniforms, please contact the school. Your situation can be discussed with the principal with confidentiality maintained at all times.

Some parents have found that their new school jackets (the ones with the blue piping) have pilled very quickly after purchase. Please be advised that if your child’s jumper has excessive pilling after only a few washes they can be taken back to Uniform Concepts and exchanged for a new one.

Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to those parents who have paid their voluntary contributions for this year – it is much appreciated. The money expands our budget capability and we can purchase sporting equipment, consumables (art paper, paints etc.) for learning areas such as Visual Arts and Science as well as providing funds for reading and library book purchasing.

So far we have collected:

Kindergarten – 80%

Pre-Primary – 81%

Primary – 71%

We would appreciate as many people to pay as possible. Please contact the office on 6228 0700 to discuss payment options.

Pick Up and Drop Off

For the most part the pick up and drop off procedures are working well. Can I please remind parents and carers to move as far as possible to the front of the bay so that we can get the maximum numbers of cars into the bays at any one time? Please take extra care in the wet weather as we have more people accessing the bays.

Some parents are picking up and dropping off their children in the Staff Carpark – please don’t.

The parents of the East Victoria Park Education Support Centre and one of our families are the only parents that should use the Staff Carpark during pick up and drop off times.

I wish everyone a fun filled weekend.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles

The Flourish Approach @ EVPPS

Our collaboration with Professor Chris Brook continues as we develop a whole school approach to teaching and learning to ensure every child achieves their academic potential. This commitment includes students who display knowledge, understandings, and abilities above developmental expectation in one or more areas of study including both academic and non-academic domains.

For a student to flourish we are ensuring teachers use high impact teaching strategies and a focus on quality instructional strategies. This involves providing opportunity for inquiry based learning, socratic questioning and providing opportunity for students to demonstrate critical and higher order thinking skills. Staff engage in professional learning to ensure their classroom program is differentiated and meets the learning needs of every student.

Flourish is an approach – not a program.

Our focus in 2022 is to build the capacity of our new teaching staff, provide opportunity for our students and to begin the identification process. To this end we are conducting a pilot project in Term 3 with 10 students. The students have been identified through teacher nomination and whole school data analysis. They represent a cross section of year levels.

Parents and Carers will be engaged to provide consent and relevant developmental history in terms of early childhood milestones. Information will be provided to parents throughout the pilot project and assessment data will be shared through formal meeting settings. The pilot project outcomes will then be shared and further Flourish outcomes will be set in conjunction with student needs.

Term 3 Flourish student opportunities include:

  • STEAM Project Term 3: GLASS – Different by Design
    • Idea: K-2 Kaleidoscopes from recycled materials
    • Idea: 3 – 6 Mosaics depicting the 6 Noongar Seasons (will be mounted around the Senior courtyard and if possible the Science courtyard.)
  • SCITECH Incursion: SPACE: ESC/K – 6
  • Aus Earth Incursion: Soil/Fossils Year 1 – 6.
  • Socratic Questioning through Picture Books (Linking to CBCA Book Week finalists)
  • PEAC Testing for Year 4 students.
  • IMSS testing for Year 4 students.
  • ICAS Assessments – School Assessments & Academic Competitions Year 2 – 6
  • Before School Running Club for Year 3 – 6.
  • Massed Choir Festival for students in Year 4 – 6.
  • Week 9: Scribblers Festival – whole school excursion to festival. Golden Pen competition open to all students.

Professor Brook will conduct a parent workshop early in Term 3 and it will be available both face to face and online. The workshop will be held in week 3 on Wednesday 3rd August commencing at 6 pm. An invitation will be sent at the start of term 3 to enable us to confirm attendance numbers.

The Flourish approach is unique to our school and it is an exciting journey to lead. If you wish to discuss any aspect of Flourish, please contact me by email or phone.

Julie Brewer

Deputy Principal