Newsletter 21 July 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

We were treated to an awesome performance from Room 11 today, sharing with us all they have been learning about the zoo. They had some ‘I wonder’ questions that they had been researching with their favourite question being, “I wonder where all the poo goes from the animals at the zoo?” They presented us with some very amusing guesses. Thank you, Miss Goodwin and Room 11.

Congratulations to this week’s assembly award winners:

Rm 1Irmuunzaya
Rm 2Quinn
Rm 3Abdulaziz
Rm 4Olivia
Rm 5Bade
Rm 6Nihal
Rm 7Jigmee
Rm 8Alisha
Rm 9Felix
Rm 10Zakari
Rm 11Zan
Rm 12Towa
PE AwardKunzang

I would like to officially welcome our new Deputy Principal, Mrs Louise Gray to the school community. Mrs Gray joins Mrs Brewer and me in the administration team. We are reorganising the leadership structure and Mrs Gray will be overseeing the teaching and learning in the Kindergarten to Year 2 classrooms and Mrs Brewer will be overseeing the teaching and learning in the Year 3 to 6 area. Mrs Gray brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the role and we look forward to her joining us from the beginning of Week 3 this term. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to Miss Cox who has fulfilled acting Deputy Principal roles over the past 9 months. Miss Cox will continue as Room 9 teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays and will be in Level 3 teacher and Instructional Coaching roles on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Kim Knowles


Green team School Waste Wise Audit

On Wednesday our Green Team had the opportunity to work with Aoife from WasteSorted School to discover how much waste our school produces in a day. We have also learnt where our rubbish goes- sadly mostly to landfill – and how long it takes to break down. Just think, something that only takes you a couple minutes to unwrap and eat would actually take hundreds and thousands of years to break down in landfill.  

When we sorted all of our rubbish into categorised bins, it turned out we were throwing a lot of recyclables in the red bins. One of the fullest bins we had to sort was the snack wrappers. We know snack packets are really easy to put into our lunchboxes, but they are horrible for our environment because these things will never fully break down. Instead, you can buy the bigger bag of chips and place them into a container.   Juice boxes were another big item in our bins. They take just over 300 years to break down which is a very long time considering you drink them in a couple minutes. So instead of a juice box, you can bring a water bottle.

On Tuesday, at our PBS assembly, we will talk more about the reboot for Waste Free Wednesday and the data from our Waste Audit.  

Georgia, Ruby and Annabelle  – Green Team

Student Councillors Report 

Violet: Hello everyone I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. Can you believe that we are already halfway through our year? For Year 6s, that means high school next year! In exciting news, the National Rugby League or NRL team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, will be visiting Years 3-6 at our school on the 3 August.  

Leilah: This term, the ICAS competition will be taking place at school for years 2-6, if you are willing to apply, please remember that the registrations close on Monday, the 31st of July. Make sure that your parents read the Seesaw post that Mrs Brewer sent out last term, or this newsletter, for additional information about the testing.

Nate: One of our CORE values is respect and this means being respectful of our school culture and taking pride in our school uniform. Our uniform is: 

  • Our red school shirt 
  • blue pants, skorts or shorts 
  • Navy blue or black tights can be worn under shorts or skort 
  • A faction shirt for your PE and carnival days 
  • A red school hat with our school logo 
  • Our red jacket with school logo 
  • Rain jackets should be in school colours or plain blue or black 
  • Socks should be plain white or black.  
  • Hair that is at shoulder length or below shoulder length needs to be tied back 
  • Any headbands or scrunchies should be in our school colours and you don’t need to have more than 1 scrunchies in your hair… 

We will be starting to crack down on this next week and if you have a jumper or jacket that is not our uniform policy, it will have to go into your bag for the school day 

We look forward to seeing our school take pride in their appearance.

Have a great weekend -from your student councillors.  


We are delighted to inform you that East Victoria Park Primary School will be participating in the world-renowned ICAS competitions this year. 

What is ICAS? 

ICAS is an online academic competition that is designed to assess students’ higher order thinking and problem-solving skills in Writing, English, Science, and Mathematics. Each assessment celebrates students’ accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition and development. Every student who participates will receive a printed certificate and an online results report. Leading performers will be eligible for medals.  

Testing Arrangements: Testing will be conducted at school over a series of Tuesday mornings beginning at 7.30 am.

The first test takes place on Tuesday 8th August 2023 (Week 4, Term 3). There is only one test per Tuesday.

If you would like your child/ren to participate in the assessments, please follow the instructions on the following page. The infograph below outlines the steps you take to access the Parent Payment System. You will log into the ICAS website and proceed to the shop and “purchase” the relevant assessment.



The Testing Schedule is as follows:

AssessmentYear LevelCostTest Day and Date  
WritingYear 3 to Year 6$23.65Tuesday, 8 August 2023
EnglishYear 2 to Year 6$19.25Tuesday, 15 August 2023
ScienceYear 2 to Year 6$19.25Tuesday, 22 August 2023
MathematicsYear 2 to Year 6$19.25Tuesday, 29 August 2023

PEAC Assessment for Year 4

This testing will be completed on Tuesday 25 July 2023 – further information will be sent out early in Term 3.

Mrs Julie Brewer

Deputy Principal

Foster Caring