Newsletter 18 August

Dear Parents and Carers

Through our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) assemblies this term we have been focussing on students trying hard to wear the correct uniform each day. I have noticed a huge improvement over the course of the term, especially our senior students. Thank you for your support in ensuring that uniforms are worn each day. Please note that in our school dress code, it is preferred that leggings and tights are either navy blue or black.

Congratulations to the following students who won awards at last week’s assembly:

RM 1Garbielle
RM 2Matthew
RM 3Nabeel
RM 4Levi
RM 5Tyler
RM 6Shannan
RM 7Edith
RM 8Rory
RM 9Annabelle
RM 10Abby
RM 11Maggie
RM 12Sonam
PE AwardGeorgia

Busy Bee – Sunday 20 August 2023

We have some trees and shrubs that we purchased using our Town of Victoria Park Urban Forest Growth Strategy grant that need to be planted. We require some help to clear a garden bed at the front of the school and fill with our new plants. We also have a number of trees that we need planted along the slope at the back of the school, adjacent to the railway line.

If you are available, can you please let me know – the whole family is welcome.

Please bring your own gardening tools.


Developing the habit of going to school every day is vitally important so your child does not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning.

Why is going to school regularly so important?

At school, many concepts (such as literacy and numeracy) are taught in a sequence. Missing school means missing out on learning – which can often make it difficult to catch up later.  This is particularly important in the early years when essential foundation skills are being taught.

Going to school every day helps children learn the important life skill of ‘showing up’ – at school, at work, to sport and other commitments.

Research from the Western Australian Telethon Kids Institute shows that every day at school counts towards a student’s learning.  Students who attend more, generally do better at school and in life.

The School Education Act 1999 does not allow principals to give permission for families to take holidays during the school term.  As students are required to attend school every day, time off for holidays is recorded as an absence. 

What can you do?

We strongly encourage you to organise holidays during school holiday periods to make sure your child doesn’t miss out on school. However, we also understand that sometimes this is not possible.

Please contact office staff if you have been considering taking a holiday during the school term.  This will allow us to discuss the learning your child would be missing out on.

Missing school adds up:

If a child misses an average of five days a term (years 1 to 10), they miss out on approximately one year of school
If a child misses one day a week of school (from years 1 to 10), they will miss almost two years of school
If a child misses 1.5 days a week of school (from years 1 to 10), they will miss almost three years of school
If a child misses two days a week of school (from years 1 to 10), they will miss almost four years of school
if a child misses three days a week of school (from years 1 to 10), they will miss almost six years of school
If you have concerns about attendance, please email me at:

Athletics Carnival – A few changes

Our Faction Athletics Carnival is coming up on Friday 1 September. This is always an exciting event on the school’s calendar. You will notice some changes this year as we have adjusted the program to cater for the increase in our student numbers. To fit in our program for the day each student in Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students will compete in their year level running race, the flag race and in tabloid rotations. Students in Year 3 – 6, as a minimum, will compete in at least 3 events. They will compete in their year level running race, the flag race and at least one team game. The team games are tunnel ball, leader ball and pass ball.

Room 12 Art Project

Students in Room 12 have engaged with a local artist to paint a Sea Container that is going to be used as Office Space as part of the Metronet project, that runs past our school.

See you all back at school on Monday, 21st August.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles


New: Senior Fiction in the Library!

In very exciting news, our amazing librarian Mrs Ward, has been working hard all year to start a Senior Fiction section in our school’s library. These books were specifically chosen as examples of rich literature by renowned authors to engage our talented older readers. These books may contain more mature themes so will be reserved for Years 5 and 6 only. We look forward to seeing our current and future upper primary students continue their love of reading as more and more titles are added to the shelves. Thank you, Mrs Ward!